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Business Support Manager - Technology


Responsible for developing and supporting departmental programs including budget, inventory, vendor management, product and project management, departmental communication and marketing, training and executive support.


Location City
State or Region
United States
  • Planning and directing administrative, operational and financial aspects of the department on behalf of the CIO
  • Providing strategic advice to CIO and/or management to improve the daily operation of the department/company
  • Acting as the contact person between the department’s management, employees/stakeholders, partners
  • General administrative tasks (travel, expense, etc.) in support of the CIO
  • Overseeing and managing highly prioritized projects
  • Leading and directing the work of others
  • Regularly submitting reports to the CIO
  • Taking up other responsibilities as directed by the CIO
  • The candidate must have exceptional communication skills and the ability to multitask
  • The chief of staff should be a renowned performer, manager and have solid leadership skills
  • General understanding of project management and accounting principles
  • Results driven and able to motivate or inspire both junior and senior staff
  • Must be focused on quality i.e. delivering excellent services to the department, company and customers
  • Ability to work with different people and to remain calm under pressure
  • Must have high analytical skills, be able to see patterns, be a fast thinker and a good decision maker
  • Should be strong willed, a fast learner and able to effect changes fast (based on customer or employee feedbacks)
  • Proficient in basic computer modules especially using the MS Office suite
  • Strong presentation development and delivery skills
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