About BL Harbert International

BL Harbert International specializes in design-build, construction management, and general contracting for national and international clients representing construction markets of every kind. We are guided by respect and honesty — principles that ensure we never compromise our integrity with our customers, employees, and communities.

Build Anything, Anywhere

BL Harbert International has grown to be a diversified construction company working in a wide range of construction markets both in the U.S. and abroad.  The company is one of America’s most influential contractors, a leader in sustainable construction, and a top design-builder.

The BL Harbert Story

BL Harbert at a Glance

Our roots in the community are deep and we possess the capabilities to build anything, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Our Operating Groups

At the core of our success is a decentralized decision-making and management operating philosophy. This has led to the formation of two distinct operating groups: the U.S. Construction Group and the International Construction Group.

  • International Group

    BL Harbert's International Group provides preconstruction, design-build and MEP engineering services for U.S. Government secure facilities, civil/industrial, commercial and hospitality clients in various locations throughout the world.

    International Group Home

  • U.S. Group

    BL Harbert‘s U.S. Group provides Preconstruction, Design-Build, Construction Management and Hard-Bid Estimating services to clients in the commercial, healthcare, public and private, government and industrial marketplaces.

    U.S. Group Home

  • Our Guiding Principles


    Be humble in all dealings with our partners, clients and team members. True wisdom and understanding belong to the humble.

  • Our Guiding Principles

    Good Name

    The company's good name is our most important asset. Make sure the reputation we pass on to the next generation is better than the one we inherited.

  • Our Guiding Principles


    Be sure of our facts and be honest and straightforward in all of our dealings with each other and our clients.

  • Our Guiding Principles


    It is amazing what we can accomplish together as long as no one minds who gets the credit.

  • Our Guiding Principles


    We need to stay optimistic and keep our sense of humor in everything we do.

  • Our Guiding Principles


    Success is when we can achieve results in the things we are passionate about and feel as though we are making a difference.

  • Our Guiding Principles


    Control expenses better than our competition and treat company dollars like our own. We can make mistakes and still recover if we run an efficient operation.

  • Our Guiding Principles


    When making a deal with anyone make sure the other party also gets something, even if we hold all of the cards. That way trusting relationships are established.

  • Our Guiding Principles


    A relationship is like a bank account. Make far more deposits of goodwill than withdrawals in any business or employee relationship.

  • Our Guiding Principles

    Over Deliver

    Never over promise and always over deliver when dealing with clients, bosses and employees. By doing so, we manage expectations and exceed them most of the time.

Return home safely.
Every day.

At BL Harbert International, safety is more than a priority. It’s woven into the fabric of who we are.

What Safety Means to Us

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A Commitment to Community

We understand that our reputation depends on serving the communities in which we build.  Whether it’s providing basic food and shelter for those in need internationally or investing our time and resources in local organizations and nonprofits at home, we take pride in giving back. It is our duty to help, so we make philanthropy part of who we are.

Overall, we feel it is our duty to help, and strive to make philanthropic efforts a natural choice for all of our employees near and far.

Sustainability comes from the ground up.

BL Harbert views sustainability as a whole-project and whole-business effort: We are concerned with doing the right thing rather than fulfilling requirements—reducing waste in every part of our process, not just from design to completion, but also with regard to the ongoing fiscal responsibility of both what we build and how we build it.

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