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5 strategies to help you fit in a workout when life is crazy-busy

When schedules fill up, workouts seem to be the first item dropped from our to-do list.

But it’s when you’re crazy-busy that workouts are the most important —  even 20 minutes of physical activity can drastically improve your mood, mindset, and overall well-being. And that’s good not only for you but everyone you interact with on a daily basis. With the holiday upon us, it’s important to have a strategy to making fitness part of your life.

5 Strategies to Help you Fit in a Workout when life is crazy-busy

  1. Get up earlier. This may feel impossible, but sometimes the only way to make everything fit in the day is to start the day earlier. On the other side of the day, try and get to bed 20-30 minutes earlier.
  2. Do a lunchtime workout. If you have an eight-to-five office job, squeeze in a lunchtime workout at a nearby gym or running trail. Pack a lunch so you can squeeze in eating at your desk while you work when you get back.
  3. Take the stairs. There are plenty of little choices you can make throughout your day to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from the store or your office, so you can get in a few more steps. Walk when you’re on the phone
  4. Focus on weekends. If, no matter what you do, weekday exercise just won’t work for you, try and make longer workouts happen on the weekends when you have more time and less all-day commitments.
  5. Schedule your workouts like your schedule your meetings. Instead of finding time to squeeze a workout in, adopt the philosophy that you MUST workout. Once it’s on the books it’s an appointment that you just can’t break.

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