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  • Empowered. Trusted. Established.

    We give our employees the tools they need to succeed and trust them. We don’t suffocate them with layers of micromanagement. Our confidence in them and their confidence in themselves is a system of empowerment that leads to better relationships and better work.

  • Build your future.

    At BL Harbert, we never compromise our integrity. We always treat our customers, employees, and community with respect and honesty. When you work here, you don't just build your career. You build your future.

  • Improve the world.

    Whether it’s a hospital, a school, or an exciting new facility projected to create more local jobs, our work is fulfilling to both those we build for and those who build.

  • Family means for life.

    Despite operating in a transitory industry where it’s typical to sign up, work a job, get paid, and leave — BL Harbert has one of the lowest turnover rates in the business. That’s because when people find people who care about knowing each other and are committed to each other's success, they call it family. And family is for life.

  • Big-league resources. Family-owned feel.

    Awards, impressive clients, and extensive resources mean nothing if you can’t thank the people who helped you earn them. At BL Harbert, leaders know your name and treat you like family.

Working at BL Harbert isn’t just another construction job.

While building has always been our business, we go beyond building. That means being passionate about improving communities, trusting each other, and showing our clients the same respect we want for ourselves. BL Harbert is always looking for passionate, like-minded candidates to join our organization. If you’re a construction professional or recent graduate who’s interested in building communities, your construction career, and yourself — we’d love to meet you.

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Whether you’re working on the other side of the U.S. or on the other side of the world, BL Harbert International has you covered with our exceptional group fringe benefits program and compensation package.

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At BL Harbert, our focus on keeping each other safe, improving communities, and dealing with clients honestly and respectfully enables us to go beyond building.

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