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The Unveiling and Dedication of the Bush Hills Connection Complex

Bush Hills Connections, Inc, in partnership with BL Harbert International and Live HealthSmart Alabama, held the unveiling and dedication of the new Bush Hills Connection Complex at the site of the former Woodrow Wilson Elementary School on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

What began as an initiative led by UAB’s Live Healthsmart Alabama turned into an incredible project spearheaded by BL Harbert International employees and numerous partners to enhance a neighboring community. Located less than seven miles from the company’s headquarters, BL Harbert International met the residents and community members of Bush Hills and learned about the purpose behind the Community Garden & Urban Farm. Bush Hills sits in an area where fresh and healthy foods are not always accessible. The Bush Hills Community Garden & Urban Farm produces more than 50,000 lbs of food that is donated to the residents each year.

“Once we met with neighborhood leadership, we knew we wanted to continue this partnership; thus the Bush Hills Connection Complex came to life,” said Chuck Bohn, president of BL Harbert International Group. “We look forward to turning the facility over to the residents and watching their vision for the community continue to grow.”

In a building that has been closed for the past decade, the newly renovated Bush Hills Connection Complex is a welcoming space for local residents. The new facility includes a community center with a full kitchen, recreation center, auditorium, and a courtyard garden patio and farm stand.

Birmingham City Councilor and former Bush Hills Connections Board Member Carol Clarke spoke on behalf of the neighborhood about their ambitious goal to transform the school and neighborhood with the help of over 100 partners.

“We dared to dream of a big idea in the Bush Hills Action Plan, reclaiming the old school building.  We wrote it down having no idea how to make it happen,” said Carol Clarke. “Years later, we met Chuck Bohn of Harbert International, and the school board allowed us to lease the building, and the rest is history.  Words cannot express the joy and accomplishment we felt yesterday.”

BL Harbert International, the city of Birmingham, Birmingham City Schools, Alabama Power, Goodwyn Mills Cawood, Kirkpatrick Concrete, and other generous partners have upgraded the community’s infrastructure by repairing existing sidewalks and building new ones. In addition, they have installed ADA street ramps and new crosswalks, planted trees, enhanced green spaces, installed outdoor furniture, and added street lighting in key locations to increase visibility.

To learn more about Bush Hills Connections and its numerous programs and partnerships, visit the community center at 1030 4th Terrace Ave. Birmingham or their website at

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